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Rise of China cannot be realized without rise of thoughts

By Tang Jiaxuan (

10:01, September 06, 2011

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

The current world is in an era of great development, transition and adjustment, and the international configuration is experiencing the most profound, most dynamic and most important change since the Cold War ended.

International relations, the mutual connections, dependences and benefits have reached an unprecedented high level, and the peace, development and cooperation have become the unstoppable trend of the times. The international trend of thoughts, the communications, integrations and confrontations of global thoughts have shown new characteristics, and the free-market development mode and so-called democratic value will hardly unify the world.

The international situation keeps showing new changes and circumstances, and the questions that must be answered are numerous. It has brought many new tasks and requirements for international studies. The worldwide international studies are entering an unprecedented dynamic period, and all sides are proposing new ideas, standpoints and concepts and urgently seizing a larger international say.

Standing at a new historic starting point, China’s peaceful development needs to be safeguarded in the area of thoughts and concepts.

In the modern history, the rise of any country is accompanied by the rise of the country's ideas. For China, a socialist country that is exploring on an unprecedented development road, the rise of ideas is especially important.

Since the Reform and Opening-up, China's comprehensive national strength has greatly improved, China's international prestige and influence have markedly risen, and China has been pushed to center of more international affairs. In the current world, many major international and regional issues cannot be solved without China’s participation and important constructive contributions, and countries of the world not only generally pay attention to China's policies and standpoints on certain international affairs but also pay close attention to China's development strategies, development road and development mode and ideas.


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Without being facetious, the Chinese people can never lose out to others in terms of businesses and science and technology. In those dynastic days, Chinese people did not have enough access and funds to nurture and develop science and technology. Those days are long over and New China heralds an era of opportunities to the Chinese people.

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