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Online websites target growing aging population

(China Daily)

09:14, December 18, 2012

Retired workers surfing on an e-commerce website in a residential community center in Shenyang, the capital city of Northeast China's Liaoning province. The growing business of Chinese e-commerce sites previously largely ignored the nation's aging population. However, a recent report released by showed that more than 1.75 million Chinese seniors (defined as aged above 50) have shopped using the website. (China Daily/Dong Fang)

Yu Min doesn't consider herself a shopaholic but every other day, after her routine afternoon nap, the former university teacher restarts the Toshiba desktop computer given to her by her daughter, logs into her account with, the country's largest online shopping bazaar, and, in her words, snaps up some little stuff to "make life better".

The "little stuff" ranges from a floral patterned sofa cover, to an eggbeater, bags of walnuts and, of course, pieces of trendy apparel to keep the 53-year-old "in fashion". And it costs no more than 500 yuan ($80.26) a month to make the life of Yu and perhaps also her husband and daughter better.

"It's like a mouse falling into a cheese bar. There are so many things you never thought you need but actually want to buy," said the Wuxi native, from East China's Jiangsu province, admitting has become her latest penchant since she reluctantly retired.

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