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Reform pledged at key economic meeting

By Lan Lan in Beijing and Chen Jia in Sanya, Hainan (China Daily)

08:59, December 17, 2012

Xi Jinping, the Party chief, attends a conference in Beijing over the weekend to map out economic policies for 2013.(Photo/Xinhua)

Economic policies and currency to remain stable for year ahead

Cutting tax and helping more rural workers settle in cities will be among the reforms pursued through steady economic growth, top policymakers said at a key conference plotting economic strategy for the year ahead.

Mustering up "greater political courage and wisdom" and "pushing forward" were vital to achieving reform, they said as a number of measures, from raising bank lending to urbanization, were backed.

The two-day Central Economic Work Conference over the weekend also endorsed "steady growth" for the world's second-largest economy.

Policymakers vowed to enlarge capital supply for development, including raising bank loans and keeping the currency stable.

But the economy must grow at a pace that ensures quality, efficiency and sustainability, they said.

They also pledged to strengthen and improve macro-economic regulation to ensure its "healthy and sustainable development".

The fundamental role played by domestic demand was stressed, and both public and private investment will be encouraged.

China will keep up proactive fiscal and prudent monetary policies, along the general lines of 2012, policymakers agreed and vowed further reform of the tax system, including structural tax incentives to different industries.

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