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Police destroys cheating ‘public security website’

(People's Daily)

15:45, March 29, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Recently, public security departments of China destroyed a criminal group defrauding people of money by using a fake “public security Website,” and arrested four criminal suspects including Wu, the reporter learned from the Ministry of Public Security of China (MPS) on March 27.

Several days ago, the MPS received public tip-offs, saying that a Website called the “China Internet Supervision and Investigation Office,” in the name of “accepting and treating Internet cases, safeguarding consumers' legal rights and interests and helping customers get back their money or properties defrauded,” published a lot of fake information in various law consulting Websites and blogs, and lured victims to the Website to “report to the police” or “telephone the police.”

By answering phone calls from victims or telephoning victims, the criminal suspects defrauded money from victims by requiring victims to send money to their accounts in names of “police dispatch fee,” “guarantee money” and others.

The MPS immediately deployed public security departments of Beijing, Hainan Province and other place to investigate it. After further investigations, public departments found that the criminal suspect Wu bought the Website source program through the Internet and established the Website by copying and modifying the public security tip-off Website under the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Public Security.

Currently, public security departments have arrest all of the four criminal suspects and seized a batch of tools for criminal purposes, including computers, mobile phones and bank cards.

The case is still being tried.

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