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Kung Fu thriller starring China's hottest heartthrobs

(China Daily)

08:58, December 18, 2012

(file photo)

Hong Kong director Andrew Lau summons three of the hottest mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan actors in The Guillotines, a kung fu thriller to be released on Dec 20.

Lau calls the film an ancient version of Yang and Dangerous, his series of films on young gangs in the 1990s, which have a solid fan base in Chinese-speaking regions.

Huang Xiao-ming, Ethan Ruan and Shawn Yu tell a story revolving around a mysterious weapon that kills people in seconds in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). For the first time the three heartthrobs get attached to wires and fight.

The film also features Chris Lee, a pop icon and winner of Super Girls, a singing contestant show in 2005, which drew millions of viewers.

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