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Chinese naval ships renew hull numbers

(China Military Online)

08:38, December 18, 2012

A pair of nearly-40-square-meter hull numbers "16" is extraordinarily conspicuous on the two sides of the bow of China's first aircraft carrier "Liaoning Ship". By comparison, it is easy to find that the elements of the hull number of the "Liaoning Ship", such as font and color, are distinctly different from those of other Chinese naval ships.

The reporters recently learnt from related departments under the Navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) that the painting design scheme of the new-type hull number of the "Liaoning Ship" had been officially approved and would be widely used in the Chinese naval troop units.

The painting design scheme stipulates the font, color, size and position of hull numbers, so as to achieve overall coordination of different types of warships.

The font of the new-type warship hull number is divided into "naval hull number font" and "naval hull number vertical font". The hull numbers include 38 Chinese characters and 10 Arabic numerals which can be expanded as needed by the painting of hull numbers. The color and style of hull numbers are also changed from black and horizontal to white and vertical respectively, reflecting the special requirements of warships for low visibility in modern wars.

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