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Egypt's newly-appointed prosecutor general submits resignation


08:16, December 18, 2012

Undated file photo shows Egypt's newly-appointed prosecutor general Talat Ibrahim Abdullah. Egypt's newly-appointed prosecutor general, Talat Ibrahim Abdullah, submitted his resignation to the head of Supreme Council of Justice on Monday, state TV reported. (Xinhua/STR)

CAIRO, Dec. 17 (Xinhua) -- Egypt's newly-appointed prosecutor general, Talat Ibrahim Abdullah, submitted his resignation to the head of Supreme Council of Justice on Monday, state TV reported.

The resignation came hours after a fresh protest on Monday held by hundreds of members of the general prosecution outside the office of Abdullah, demanding him to resign.

Abdullah, along with his assistant, was surrounded by the crowd when leaving his office after his resignation was submitted. His assistant then persuaded the protesters to give way to Abdullah, official MENA news agency reported.

Abdullah said in the resignation that he asked for the head of Supreme Council of Justice to think about his request and to let him go back to previous judicial work.

The resignation will be discussed in a session of the judicial council set for Sunday.

On Nov. 22, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi appointed Abdullah, a member of the judiciary, as new prosecutor general for four years, to replace former prosecutor general Abdel-Maguid Mahmoud.

Mahmoud was approved on Dec. 6 by Supreme Judicial Council as president of Cairo Court of Appeal.

Morsi's appointment decree was issued on Nov. 22 after a new constitutional declaration was announced by presidency spokesman Yasser Ali, stipulating that the president is entitled to appoint a prosecutor general for a four-year term among the members of the judiciary whose age should not be under 40.

Morsi issued a new constitutional declaration on Dec. 9, annulling the previous one designed to expand the president's powers by making all his decrees issued since he came into office final and above judicial appeal, but the effects rooted in the declaration such as the appointment of Abdullah were remained.

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