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Owner rescues lost dog from slaughterhouse

By Chen Xiaoru (Global Times)

09:36, December 04, 2012

A local pet owner recovered her Siberian husky from a dog slaughterhouse in Minhang district Sunday, an animal protection activist said Monday.

The unidentified woman, who lost her dog last month, found the slaughterhouse after a fellow resident told her about a place where dogs were butchered near the intersection of Lianhua South and Yindu roads, according to a report in the Shanghai Evening Post.

When she went to the site, the woman found her pet detained with more than 10 other dogs. Two of the animals were suspended from hooks, the report said. She immediately called the police.

The woman told the newspaper that the workers at the slaughterhouse discovered her presence and carried off most of the animals before the police arrived.

The workers refused to return the woman's dog even after police were on scene, according to a member of an animal protection group who witnessed the incident. He asked to be identified only as Gavin.

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