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Driver survives cruise in runaway car

(Global Times)

09:30, December 04, 2012

A car with Zhejiang Province license plates drove for more than one hour at 120 kilometers per hour (kmph) on the highway after its cruise control malfunctioned, local media reported Monday.

The Toyota Zelas two-door wasn't able to stop until it hit the barrier in the middle of the road as it attempted to pass a truck, according to a news report on the Shanghai Television Station. The driver, surnamed Shen, was uninjured.

"I am now afraid to just ride in a car, not to mention driving one myself," he said in a telephone interview with a local TV station.

The crash occurred on October 19 after Shen set out from Linping, Zhejiang Province. He pulled onto the Hangpu Highway around 5 pm and set the car's cruise control to 120 kmph. However, he soon realized there was a problem. He couldn't turn it off.

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