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New art space in mall offers art for everyone

(Shanghai Daily)

08:25, May 31, 2013

Art space chi K11 aims to become a new destination on the city's art map, one that's close to ordinary people.

Located in K11 Art Mall Shanghai on the busy Huaihai Road, the space aims to bring art closer to daily life and shake free of the notion that art is high above ordinary people.

The opening exhibition "Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Money: Art after the Social Media Era" features 26 collections of new media art works from 28 Chinese and international artists. Half of the collections were created specifically for this event.

The exhibition includes videography, animation, sculptures and acoustic performances.

The space itself feels very modern, wrapped in darkness except for the artworks bathed in light.

"Although the era when everyone is an artist will never come, everyone could have a chance to dialogue and communicate with art. This communication can take place everywhere, in front of your eyes, in museums, in virtual space, on elevators, buses or it can be the electric circuits," Li Zhenhua, curator of this exhibition, says.

The highlight is an installation by Yuan Gong, who uses a scented fog to surround the spectator as he or she interacts with sculpture - one piece a lifelike statue of a man - drawing and other works.

A video titled "My Heart Was Touched Last Year" was created by local artist Yang Fudong.

It features a woman's attractive profile and the tears sliding down her cheek, leaving viewers to wonder if they are tears of joy or sadness.

Date: Through July 28, 10am-7pm

Address: B3/F, 300 Huaihai Rd M.

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