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Baby found in sewer pipe leaves hospital


16:17, May 30, 2013

HANGZHOU, May 30 (Xinhua) -- A baby boy who became trapped in a sewer pipe after his mother gave birth while sitting on a toilet left the hospital Wednesday evening in the care of his relatives, local authorities in east China's Zhejiang Province said Thursday.

The local publicity department and police said the infant's 22-year-old mother, as well as his grandparents and the man purported to be the child's father, will take care of the child.

However, the alleged father said he intends to verify whether the child is actually his or not.

The woman, who had kept her pregnancy secret, gave birth to the baby last Saturday in a squat toilet in her apartment in the city of Jinhua, local police said.

The police said the woman told them that she rushed to the toilet after experiencing stomach pain and subsequently gave birth to the baby.

Police records indicate that the woman tried to grab the newborn before it fell into the toilet, but its body was too slippery and evaded her grasp.

She then alerted her landlord and asked for assistance, the records indicate.

Firefighters and doctors successfully rescued the infant from a U-shaped pipe that it had become lodged in, according to the police.

The child suffered some cuts to his face and limbs and was kept in an incubator at the Pujiang People's Hospital.

Local police said they have finished questioning the woman, adding that the evidence they have obtained supports the woman's claims.

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