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PLA Hong Kong Garrison stages first cross-theater live-ammunition drill

(China Military Online)

08:21, May 30, 2013

BEIJING, May 29, (ChinaMil) --An air-defense battalion under the aviation regiment of the Hong Kong Garrison of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) conducted a cross-theater live-ammunition drill in a Gobi desert in northwest China on the morning of May 26. It was the first drill of this kind staged by the battalion and all the targets were hit.

As the main ground air-defense force of the PLA Hong Kong Garrison, the air-defense battalion is equipped with advanced air-defense weapon systems.

In combination with the cross-theater maneuver live-ammunition drill, the air-defense battalion organized such training as terrain survey, emergency call-out and ammunition replenishment, so as to constantly temper the troops in missions.

According to Wei Lijun, commander of the aviation regiment, through the cross-theater live-ammunition drill, various kinds of new equipment, new tactics and training methods have been tested in an environment similar to real battle with the battalion's systematic confrontation and air-defense operation capabilities improved.

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