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Boy's graffiti signals lack of values at home

By Wan Lixin   (Shanghai Daily)

10:11, May 28, 2013

Illustration by Zhou Tao

We can say many things against cyber technology, but occasionally it also affords us the satisfaction of publicly lynching - in moral terms - a wrongdoer.

Such wrongdoing would never be noticed or deterred through conventional means.

The latest victim is a student in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province.

On May 6, a Chinese tourist surnamed Shen spotted graffiti - "Ding Jinhao was here" - written on a relief at the Temple of Luxor in Egyt, one of the ancient world's great achievements and a popular tourist site.

Shen was ashamed of his compatriots, apologized to his Egyptian tour guide and posted the picture of the vandalism online.

An online manhunt ensued and the culprit was quickly identified as a 14-year-old student in Nanjing ("Schoolboy's Egyptian temple shame" ).

The parents apologized, and asked that the child should be spared as a minor.

But if the child can be spared, his parents should spend some time reflecting on how they have brought up their child. Do they believe moral indoctrination is more important than scores?

Some Internet users took revenge against the primary school from which Ding had graduated, by hacking into the school website.

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elee at 2013-05-28183.39.5.*
The curses of spoiled kid mentality prevail, most unfortunately to the imaginary damages caused to all Chinese people and China. Cane this boy publicly may be the right answer to put the issues back to the parents!!
Linkun Ding at 2013-05-28108.0.31.*
The 14 year old who defaced the ancient statue of Eypgt is a digrace breed, spoiled, retarded who cannot differetiate right from wrong. He wasted his education, his parent killed his future by spoiling him. He should be barred to fututre travel abroad. He should pay for the full cost of restoration to Eypgt. He brings shame to China. Bad karma he would received as this is evil act of vandalism.

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