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Sino-Indian diplomatic miracle embarrasses Japanese politicians

(People's Daily Online)

08:13, May 28, 2013

Edited and Translated by Yao Chun, People's Daily Online

“The clouds in the sky cannot blot out the sunshine of Sino-Indian friendship,” said Premier Li Keqiang when describing the Sino-Indian ties on the last day of his stay in India.

Before Premier Li Keqiang’s visit, the China-India border standoff was hyped up by international media. The divergence and contradictions between the two countries were also exaggerated as if the Sino-Indian ties had been strained suddenly.

But what surprised the media was that China and India properly solved the issue in a short time. During Premier Li Keqiang’s visit, the top leaders of both countries had sincere and candid talks and came to a series of strategic consensus and cooperation. The shift of Sino-Indian ties in such a short time is a miracle.

In the development of Sino-Indian ties there are several divergence and contradictions. Some countries see these differences as an opportunity to provoke dissension.

Not long ago, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called on Japan, India, Australia and the U.S. to jointly form a “Democratic Security Diamond” to compete with the ascendant China. He also proposed that Japan should promote “Strategic Diplomacy” and “Values Diplomacy” and made visits in countries around China. Some politicians just made themselves petty burglars on China-related issues.

The so-called “Democratic Security Diamond”, “Strategic Diplomacy” and “Values Diplomacy” among other new terms seem very strategic. But in fact they unveiled the narrow-minded diplomatic thoughts of Japanese government. The conspiracy of these petty burglars is doomed to fail for three reasons.

First, China and India have great vision and great wisdom. As two developing countries with ancient civilizations as well as two emerging markets, joining hands and working together have strategic significance for both countries and for the world. India’s great wisdom lies in dealing with ties with China in a calm way, undisturbed by internal and international provocateurs.

Second, China has good faith. One will never lose anything when cooperating with China. China insists on bringing benefits to neighboring countries and the world through its development. This principle also applies to Sino-Indian ties. As for trade imbalance, China is seeking a mutually beneficial resolution.

Third, it’s in line with the trend of the times to transcend differences and build consensus. As long as two countries share a boundary there will be interest division and disputes between the two countries. The most important thing is that most countries realize the importance of dialogues, exchanges, peace and mutual trust and are willing to conduct win-win cooperation instead of a lose-lose game. The economic corridor among China, India, Myanmar and Bangladesh proposed by China and India reflects this trend. How can the words and acts that go against the trend of the time survive in this context?

With increased comprehensive national strength, China will use more effective ways to transmit its positive energy to the world. China’s diplomacy will create more miracles. Before the miracles, the “petty burglars”, like some of Japanese politicians, will bring disgrace on their own heads.

Read the Chinese version: “中印奇迹”让“跳梁小丑”难堪, source: People's Daily Overseas Edition, author: Hua Yiwen

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