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Mutual trust between leaders essential for Sino-US relations

(People's Daily Online)

14:24, May 28, 2013

Edited and Translated by Zhang Qian, People's Daily Online

President Xi Jinping is scheduled to visit three Latin America countries and meet with U.S. President Barack Obama in Annenberg Estate in California. This is an important diplomatic step of China since the Chinese leadership change. Just in two months, Chinese leaders have left footprints on all continents of the world, presenting a new layout of China’s all-round diplomacy under new situation.

The previous visits of Chinese leaders were mostly state visits, occasional working visits, and the "estate meeting" was rarely seen. The "sunnylands" Annenberg estate is an important location because seven U.S. presidents have been there. The estate has hosted British Queen and other dignitaries and so is called as a Camp David of the West Coast. In the quiet and elegant environment in the estate, the two leaders can discuss issues of mutual interest in a more relaxed, more candid and more thorough manner. This also shows that China's leaders are now more confident and the China-U.S. relations are more mature.

Currently there are more than 90 communication and cooperation platforms between China and the U.S., including the strategic and economic dialogue, but the leaders’ face to face meeting is still the most important mechanism and the highest level of strategic dialogue between the two countries. The "estate meeting" will provide an important opportunity for the two leaders to explore the creation of new relations among major powers. When the key issue of positioning of the China-U.S. relations is resolved, it will be easier to handle specific issues.

Establishing personal trust between the leaders can play a crucial role for strengthening strategic mutual trust between the two countries in particular dealing with the bilateral thorny problems. The "estate meeting" is Obama's first meeting with Chinese leaders in his second term so it is significant.

Domestic issues are currently the key concerns of China and U.S. Since the two countries are highly interdependent with each other in economic, their own domestic problems have also become a problem in bilateral relations to some extent, so the two sides can achieve their domestic policy objectives by helping each other. The development of one side will benefit the other side. China can help the U.S. create jobs and fulfill the plan to double exports. The U.S. economic recovery will also help China's export growth. Since the financial crisis, the G20 has repeatedly stressed to strengthen macroeconomic coordination, which is an important changes that globalization has brought about in international relations.

This meeting is a good opportunity for the two leaders to fully communicate with each other and promote mutual understanding. We wish the "estate meeting" a complete success.

Read the Chinese version: 元首互信对中美关系至关重要; source: People's Daily Overseas Edition, author: Tao Wenzhao

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