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Fly me to the moon


09:06, May 30, 2013

It’s ten years since China launched its Chang’e program to explore the moon. An exhibition in China’s Guizhou Province based on these missions is attempting to quench the thirst of all you space cowboys out there.

The exhibition at Guizhou’s provincial museum claims to be the first ever dedicated to the moon, in China. Visitors can immerse themselves in all things galactic, from the exhibits, which include these deceptively heavy meteorites, to experiencing for themselves what astronauts see through their suits.

This is a replica of the Lunar Roving Vehicle from 1971’s Apollo 15 mission which travelled 20 kilometres on the surface of the moon. The vehicle was the first "car" to drive on the moon, and visitors here can experience the feeling of driving it using the control sticks. You can even take a picture of the moon’s surface with the remote control robotic camera.

Computer game enthusiasts can also drive simulated roving vehicles on a mission in search of minerals. While this visitor is finding out how it feels to land on the moon. The exhibition is able to combine education with interactive fun.

I can see the moon up close through this. There are some black objects on the moon!

Also on display is the biggest moon globe in the world, and a model of what’s expected to be the world’s biggest radio telescope which is currently being built in China.

For many children the large disk hanging in the sky is the mysterious stuff of legends, but here they go some way to understanding the science behind it and have fun in the process.

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