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Report underlines Asia-Pacific power rivalry


08:36, May 29, 2013

BEIJING, May 28 (Xinhua) -- An annual report from a Chinese military think tank has highlighted the Asia-Pacific region as a "new global center" for geopolitical, economic and military competition.

"The Strategic Review 2012," which was released Tuesday, was divided into eight chapters covering the Asia-Pacific strategic situation, Sino-U.S. relations, Asia-Pacific Maritime Security and the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

The report was drafted as "the U.S. has accelerated eastward shift of its strategic focus, the spillover effects of China's development has become more prominent... and big powers have intensified their gaming for the regional dominance," according to the preface to its English-language edition.

The report noted that the Asia-Pacific region has become "the new global geopolitical, economic and military center, an area boasting the greatest potential, fastest development, buoyant vitality and richest opportunities."

"Amidst the strategic competition among the big powers, the fierce oceanic competition and frequent regional conflicts, the complexity, sensitivity and uncertainty of China's security environment loom large," the English-language edition of the report said, adding that the dramatic changes in the Asia-Pacific region offer both opportunities and challenges for China.

Published by the Center for National Defense Policy (CNDP) under the Academy of Military Sciences of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, the annual report was released in both Chinese- and English-language editions.

"We strive to observe the changes of the world as well as national security environment from an international perspective, and we hope that the experts' viewpoints can help inspire others to look at the world situation correctly," said CNDP director Chen Zhou.

Founded in December 2011, the CNDP has been tasked with researching major theories on national defense policies and drafting annual strategic reports on national security environment.

According to Chen, the report unfeignedly reveals hotspot issues in China's development and national security as well as the country's attitudes on these problems, enabling the world to listen to the country's voices and understand its standpoint.

"Based on the analysis of the global security situation, opportunities outweigh challenges and our country is still in a golden period for development," the CNDP director added.

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