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Grandparents take baby home while father demands DNA test

By  Li Qian   (Shanghai Daily)

08:24, May 31, 2013

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A 25-year-old unmarried man, purportedly the father of the newborn boy who was rescued from a sewer pipe on Saturday, is insisting on a DNA test before he accepts the baby, police in Pujiang County in Zhejiang Province said yesterday.

The baby's mother, an unmarried 22-year-old, said the child was conceived during a one-night stand with a local man who refused to accept the responsibility after she told him of the pregnancy.

The man, however, said they had split six months ago and he had no idea she was pregnant.

"He said he would take the responsibility of the boy if tests proved the baby was his son," said Zhang Jianbo, chief of Punan Police Station.

Meanwhile, the unwed woman's parents took the baby home on Wednesday night. They said they would raise him, China News Service quoted Zhang as saying.

They also urged the media not to hype the story so as to give their grandson a normal life, local police said on their microblog.

The woman went into labor and delivered the baby in a public toilet down the hall from her apartment on Saturday afternoon. The baby, with placenta still attached, slipped down the toilet before she could grab it.

She immediately told the landlady that she heard a baby crying in the toilet. Firefighters were called in and they spent two hours to take down an L-shaped pipe and pulled the baby from it. Throughout the ordeal the mother expressed concern for the baby without revealing he was her son. She kept it a secret to hide the shame.

Eventually, she confessed to the police who found blood-stained tissues and baby toys in her rented room on Monday night. She maintained that she did not mean to leave her son in the sewer pipe.

Since she had no intention of abandoning the baby, she will not be prosecuted, police said, who ruled the incident as an accident.

The baby suffered only minor abrasions in the two-hour ordeal and was in good condition, but his mother is suffering complications from childbirth.

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