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Miracle of hands as baby survives freezing ordeal

By Li Qian   (Shanghai Daily)

14:16, March 29, 2013

Talk of miracle of the hands!

A new-born baby girl, whose heart had stopped beating after being left unattended on the roadside for three hours in freezing Shenyang, survived the ordeal when 20 pairs of hands warmed her at a local hospital.

Two policemen found the girl, cold as ice, and rushed her to the hospital in the capital of Liaoning Province about 9am on Wednesday, local Huashang Morning Post reported yesterday.

Xu Hao, the pediatrics director of Fengtian Hospital, told the newspaper that the two or three-day old girl was brought here in pretty bad condition and could have died but for the quick thinking efforts of the hospital staff.

The baby, weighing 1.3 kilograms, needed body heat but the infant incubator at the hospital needed 10 minutes to get warm.

Fearing it could be too late by then, the nurses warmed the baby's hands, feet, head and hands with their hands.

"We needed more than two hands at a time," the paper quoted Xu as saying.

As more staff came around to help, the infant started breathing 20 minutes later.

By about 11am, she was sent to the local children's hospital and is in the intensive care unit.

Doctor Ren Weizhi said the girl was a premature baby and may suffer cerebral palsy, which may have prompted her parents to abandon her.

She will be sent to a welfare house if she survives the ordeal and is in stable condition, according to Ren.

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