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Wife-seeking ad in 4 languages stirs online debate


09:01, March 28, 2013

An online debate has been triggered by a Nanjing University professor who posted an advertisement in four languages seeking a wife.

"My new year resolution is to find a wife in 2013. So here I am," said the post, printed in the Yangtze Evening News on Tuesday.

The professor, surnamed Zhao, 44, describes his experiences in Chinese, English, German and Russian. According to the advert, he has led a colorful life and had a successful career.

Zhao graduated from top universities, including Nanjing University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has traveled the world, and taken lessons in many sports, including diving and snowboarding.

"What kind of girl deserves him?" one Internet user asked, while another said, "I want to marry him."

However, some netizens criticized Zhao for trying to whip up media hype.

Zhao told the Yangtze Evening News on Wednesday the only aim of his advert is to find the right woman.

"I suddenly realized that I need to find an ordinary person, to lead a simple life," the paper quoted him as saying.

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