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Six Danes escape punishment

By Ni Yinbin   (Shanghai Daily)

09:21, March 27, 2013

Please read: 6 Danes investigated for urinating in full view in Shanghai

The six Danes who got off from a bus on the middle of an elevated road to urinate in full view of the public are likely to be let off but the bus driver could face a 200 yuan fine.

The driver, surnamed Bian, stopped the bus on the North-South Elevated Road to allow the six Danish passengers to alight and urinate in public on Saturday afternoon.

He stands to be fined 200 yuan by the traffic police and six demerit points deducted from his driving record.

A driver's license is suspended if he collects 12 demerit points in a year.

Police said it could not punish the Danes as there was no regulation against urinating on an elevated road.

The driver's company, the Shanghai Chengyun vehicle service, could also be penalized by the traffic authority.

"The foreigners came up to the driver and hinted that they wanted to pee," said a director of the company, surnamed Zhang.

"In trying to be friendly to the foreigners, the driver stopped the bus and allowed them to get down on an elevated highway, which was not wise," he said.

Police said yesterday that in times of emergencies, drivers should get off the elevated road from the nearest ramp.

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SAVIBG CHINA at 2013-03-2796.231.130.*
This make me mad and disgusted with the decision of the Shanghai/Chinese authorities to penalize the bus driver instead to persecute the white-skinned foreigners. What a joke and an insult to the Chinese and the entire nations. Look like China is back in Manchu period where the foreigners were above the laws and were the rulers of the nation. This is a reverse discrimination practiced by these coward Shanghai authorities against Chinese citizen, for they are scared/fearful of white-skin foreigners. Disgrace and shameful, and what a joke!

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