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Egypt arrests 2 suspects over Sinai abduction


08:22, May 31, 2013

NORTH SINAI, Egypt, May 30 (Xinhua) -- Egypt on Thursday arrested two suspects over alleged involvement in abduction of seven soldiers in North Sinai on May 16, a well-placed security source said.

The soldiers were released on May 22, six days after the abduction.

The suspects were arrested in North Siani's city of Arish, the source told Xinhua, saying that the pair were accused of being involved in posting a video for the seven kidnapped security personnel on the Internet two days after the abduction.

"One of the two men is the owner of a cyber bar, where the video has been uploaded, while the other is believed to be the man who uploaded the video on the internet," a security source added.

The two suspects were referred to North Sinai Prosecution.

On May 16, a group of militants abducted seven military and police recruits in North Sinai's Green Valley, some 20 km away from the governorate's capital of Arish, demanding the release of some imprisoned family members and affiliates over terrorist attacks.

Two days after the abduction, the suspects posted a video on YouTube showing the seven kidnapped blindfolded, with their hands on their heads, appealing on President Mohamed Morsi to respond to the captors' demands to release them.

On May 22, the soldiers were released after mediation and the manhunt is ongoing in search for the captors.

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