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Stephen Chow meets up with 'Cloud Atlas' directors

By Fan Junmei (

11:15, January 25, 2013

Hong Kong actor and director Stephen Chow(L)meets up with the Wachowski directors -- Lana and Andy in Beijing on Jan. 23.(

Hong Kong actor and director Stephen Chow met up with the Wachowski directors -- Lana and Andy -- who were in Beijing to promote their new science fiction epic "Cloud Atlas" on Jan. 23.

Chow regretted missing the film's third director Tom Tykwer, who was being interviewed at that time, but hoped to catch him on another occasion.

Chow expressed his appreciation for the directors' previous works, such as "The Matrix" by the Wachowskis and "Run Lola Run" by Tykwer. Chow said he has great expectations of "Cloud Atlas" and will definitely watch it once it's released on Jan. 31.

Lana and Andy Wachowski also wished the best for Chow's new film "Journey to the West," which is up for release over the coming Chinese New Year in February.

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