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Army aviation regiment conducts air landing drill on island

By Xie Xiaoming, He Zhuofei and Cheng Yongliang (China Military Online)

09:26, January 24, 2013

An army aviation regiment of the Nanjing Military Area Command (MAC) of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) conducted a round-the-clock force projection and air landing drill with a troop unit in an unknown sea area on January 14, 2013, testing such dangerous and difficult subjects as force projection, air landing on island and assault operation.

The drill was officially launched at 10:00. Under the escort of armed helicopters, several transport helicopters fully loaded with soldiers took off successively and flew to a predetermined airspace.

30 minutes later when the air fleet flew over an unknown sea area, all of the well-armed soldiers jumped off the helicopters and slid onto the ground. After the air landing, the soldiers fell in rapidly and moved forward to the designated highland as originally planned. The air fleet returned along the original course immediately.

According to Zhang Wei, chief of staff of the army aviation regiment, at the beginning of the year, the regiment organized real-combat military training of dangerous and difficult subjects and effectively improved troop unit's real-combat capability. During this drill, they also focused on such subjects as command and coordination, integrated communication and contact, formation flight and night air landing in an unfamiliar environment.

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