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Surgery kids' trendy new year gift

By Cai Wenjun (Shanghai Daily)

08:38, January 24, 2013

Plastic surgery has become a popular gift from parents to children, especially university students, for the Chinese new year - especially less-invasive procedures like reversible double-eyelid surgery, cosmetic injections and tattoos.

Many plastic surgery hospitals report a rise in reservations around the holiday period, as many students say they want to improve their looks before leaving school.

"We received over 100 consultations from university students this month and most booked the service, which is 20 percent more than usual," said Liu Qi of Shanghai Time Plastic Surgery Hospital yesterday. "Most students choose small items with less injury, mainly reversible service."

A popular one, the buried-suture double eyelid procedure that makes the eye appear larger, is called reversible because small sutures are knotted above the eye to create folds, without the need for incisions.

While reversible techniques impose less injury and can be removed or absorbed, officials warn young beauty seekers about simply imitating the look of stars or popular characters when seeking a face-lift. Many, they say, incorrectly believe that reversible therapy can be removed and changed for another style. "Though modern plastic methods impose less injury, any plastic surgery therapy needs a period of rehabilitation, and repeated change can leave lifelong injury," Liu said.

The hospital started the mental evaluation of students prior to performing plastic surgery.

After the success of "The Legend of Zhen Huan," a television series based on imperial palace drama in the 17th century, many young women went to hospitals for a pair of eyes like the series' heroine.

A sophomore college student surnamed Qin went to Shanghai Time for a third round of double-eyelid therapy through buried sutures recently. She asked for Zhen Huan eyes.

"We refused her request, since her eyes can't tolerate such frequent changes," said Liu.

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