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The happiest places in the world

People's Daily Online)  08:33, January 24, 2013  

Norway (Photo/ Xinhua)

Edited and Translated by Yao Chun, People's Daily Online

Recently Legatum Institute of the United Kingdom issued the Legatum Prosperity Index, according to which, the top three are all Nordic countries. China’s Hong Kong ranks 18th, becoming the place with highest Prosperity Index in Asia. China’s Taiwan ranks 20th while the Chinese mainland ranks the 55th.

American business magazine Forbes interpreted this Prosperity Index into Happiness as it mainly indicates the economic and social development of different regions. Forbes thinks that places with higher Prosperity Index are places with greater happiness.

According to this ranking the happiest and most prosperous places in the world are three Nordic countries: Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Norway ranks first in terms of social capital; Denmark ranks second in terms of entrepreneurship and opportunities while Sweden rises from 7th in 2009 to third in this year.

The countries ranking from fourth to 10th are Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Finland, Netherlands, Switzerland and Ireland. It is surprising that the U.S. ranks 12th, falling out of top ten.

Hong Kong, which ranks 18th, is the happiest place in Asia according to the Index. Singapore ranks 19th and is followed by China’s Taiwan. Chinese mainland ranks 55th, after Japan, 22nd and South Korea, 27th.

The places with lowest Prosperity Index are the Central African Republic which ranks 142nd, the Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, Chad and Haiti.

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