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Measure your happiness index

(People's Daily Online)

08:08, September 21, 2012

Recently, a research report on the well being of Chinese urban residents was released by Peking University and ING-BOB Life Insurance Co. Ltd., drawing a map of happiness covering 20 cities. The research report listed the happiness index from 10 points to one point (10 points stands for very good and one point for very bad), and Chinese urban residents scored an average of 7.2 points. It indicates that three-quarters of respondents feel happy.

The report, covering a total of 20 cities from first-tier to fourth-tier cities, collected over 2,000 samples. According to the results of the happiness index, Liaoning residents rank first, followed by Tianjin and Shandong.

The report also shows a low score for Beijing residents who are concerned with living costs, price levels, employment, the expectation of social development and social insurance. Beijing is considered to be in a "happiness depression." In addition, Shanghai is the most "distinctive," with males generally feeling happier than females.

Several small and medium-sized cities such as Yantai and Dandong ranked at the top, with females feeling happier than males. In addition, the income of ordinary people was found to be directly proportional to happiness and people less than 45 years old feel happier than others.

Source: Guangming Daily
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