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Huawei deserves a fair playing field in US

By Yu Jincui (Global Times)

15:18, January 23, 2013

Chinese telecom giant Huawei pledged on Monday to be more transparent with its financial information. It disclosed details of the company's business performance in 2012 at a news conference, criticizing US accusations that the company poses a security threat as being mere efforts at trade protectionism. According to Cathy Meng, the chief financial officer of Huawei, US trade protectionism only harms consumers. Meng said Americans now pay about twice as much for third- and fourth-generation mobile phone services compared with their European counterparts.

Monday's conference is seen as an active response from Huawei to unfair treatment by the US. Huawei has been blocked from doing business in the US, which used the excuse that Huawei allegedly has ties with the Chinese government, thus being deemed by Washington as being a threat to US national security.

The US accused Huawei of spying and banned the company from selling telecommunications equipment to US carriers. But outside the US, Huawei is seeing rapid development and increasing sales in Europe and many other markets.

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