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U.S. firearms sale up after proposals on gun control

People's Daily Online)  08:16, January 25, 2013  

Photo taken on Jan. 20 shows a gun shop in  Los Angeles. Recently, reporters from People’s Daily Online walked into several gun shops in Los Angeles and tried to get the real opinions of buyers and sellers on the issue of gun control.(People's Daily Online/ Chen Yiming)

Edited and translated by Li Xiang, People's Daily Online

Los Angeles, Jan. 20 (People's Daily Online) --U.S. firearms sale went up after White House unveiled gun control proposals on Jan. 16, 2013. Recently, reporters from People's Daily Online walked into several gun shops in Los Angeles and tried to get the real opinions of buyers and sellers on the issue of gun control.

The strictness varies in different states

The owner of the Bain and Davis gun shop Stephen and several assistants in the gun shop were so busy with introducing guns and answering questions about guns transfer when the reporter entered.

After finishing the work, the owner began to introduce to the reporter: "The number of people coming to buy guns has suddenly increased after it's said Obama is going to pull out 23 control policies and four legislative proposals. Actually, most of these measures have already been implemented in California, but the customers knew little about it, therefore there were always panic gun buying whenever the government has shown the tendency to implement strict gun control. One week after the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting accident, all of our semi-automatic rifles have been sold out. We are still waiting for the restock."

Stephen is quite familiar with the gun business in California, having been worked in the gun shop for nearly 20 years. He pointed, unlike many other states where the customers can take away the guns after the shop asked the FBI whether the buyer had any criminal record, the California Law says one has to prove his Identity as U.S. citizen or permanent resident. He must have California driving license or proof of residency and finish a security test of 30 questions. However, there is still a long way to go through before one can take the gun away.

The owner also argued if Obama's gun control policies and legislative proposals can be successfully implemented, it will be helpful to those states with relative loose gun control. In terms of the voices against gun possession in the American society, he considered that people deserved to have their own opinions and rights, but should not interfere with those who were willing to have guns. Moreover, gun ownership is protected by the second amendment of Constitution.

For self-protection and collection

In a gun shop in Los Alhambra, suburb Los Angeles, the reporter encountered Alma Arseno, who has just passed background investigation. After paying $393, the mother of two children gladly took away a gun and 50 bullets. "The security of where I live is quite worrying, I am very concerned about my family's safety, especially my daughter is only 12. The gun is for protecting my whole family." Arseno told the reporter she knew it from the news that there was going to be a strict gun control therefore she decided to buy one.

18-year-old Alerk was picking a MIA rifle in a gun shop. He told the reporter that the gun was only for collection. He bought four guns at a time when he reached the legal age last year. When talking about gun control, he frowned and said: "This is not fair, as those criminals can access offensive weapons easily. Gun control could weaken ordinary people's ability to protect themselves. The problem is on those crazy people not on the guns."

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