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College students tend to study abroad only but not emigrate

(People's Daily Online)

17:19, January 24, 2013

The results of a survey carried out by an institute of economics on the "students going to study abroad" show a new trend "in stark contrast" with the situation 10 years ago - the students tend to "only study abroad but not emigrate". More students are willing to return to China after graduation.

When Shen Yue gave up the opportunity of becoming a faculty member in the University of Chicago in 2006 and returned home from the United States to teach in Nankai University, he received many blessings from his friends. If it were in 2000 when he first arrived in the United States, everyone would be surprised if they learned anyone wanting to return home and would ask why.

Lei Pei, who is now also teaching in Nankai University, went to study in the UK in 2004. In her view, the majority of the students who went abroad in the same period with her hoped to work abroad for long term or emigrate there. But in recent years, the situation has changed greatly. More people are willing to return home, and when they go abroad they do so rationally. Today, the job opportunities are limited abroad while China offers more space with improved economic situation.

The survey also shows that 77.9 percent of the respondents choose first-tier cities as their preference after returning from abroad. Only 17 percent choose cities in the central or west regions or small towns as the place for career development.

Many provinces and municipalities are making great efforts to attract the "returnees", but the preferential policies are mainly for "big returnees" those with doctoral degrees or several years of overseas working experience. A large number of the "small returnees" that lack work experience are not well recognized. Seizing this opportunity, second and third tier cities timely attract this group for introduction of talents. Private, small, and micro enterprises should welcome the "small returnees" with a more open attitude.

In addition, the "returnees" should correctly understand their own strengths and weaknesses, locate their positions with rational thinking, and choose a reasonable career.

Read the Chinese version: 大学生倾向于“留学不移民”. Source: WWW.CYOL.NET

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