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MBA projects in China: Attention should be paid to individuation

(People's Daily Online)

11:06, January 25, 2013

At the beginning of 2013, business schools in China continue to progress on the road of internationalization as always. Apart from the various kinds of international rankings and certifications, how should the business schools truly stride forward to become first-class in the world?

The tuition fee of MBA projects in the business schools has increased in 2013, mostly reaching above 200,000 yuan, some even reaching 438,000 yuan. But despite of the dual increase in the difficulty as well as tuition fee of MBA projects, the number of applicants for admission examination continues to rise. In 2013, there will be more than 1 million students applying for domestic MBA schools. A possible reason for this phenomenon might be the alleged better employment and career development in return after graduation from MBA and EMBA. It is actually such a supply-demand relation that leads to the strong market demand.

With the attraction of a large number of teachers with overseas study experience, the alliance with internationally well-known business schools, and the launch of all-English or partly English partly Chinese courses, “internationalization” becomes almost the foremost feature of MBA projects in business schools in China. But as a matter of fact internationalization is not completed by simply applying the Western education concepts or by hiring a handful of foreign teachers. It requires the efforts in multiple respects including qualified teachers, students, courses, and projects as well as the communication and understanding between cultures and modes of thinking.

The MBA project of international brand universities all take insistence on case teaching and concerns on social management, innovation, and pioneering work as their purpose. The business schools in China must seriously consider the issues of value orientation and social responsibilities and explore the road of individuation.

Read the Chinese version: 中国MBA二十年调查(五):国际化不代表欧美化 更应注重个性化. Source: People's Daily, Author: Li Qiang

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