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Antique market: A game of Culture & money

By Qi Wei (CNTV)

09:44, December 24, 2012

In Beijing, there are dozens of antique markets. It is place for collectors, treasure hunters, and investors. Our reporter Qi Wei pays a visit to one of Beijing's new markets and to see how's the weather for antique and cultural relics.

It seems there can never be too many antique markets in Beijing. Liangma International Jewel and Antique Market houses more than 500 shops, exhibiting and selling jewels and precious stones, porcelains and paintings.

Just two months after it opened, the market already couldn't wait to expand.

Lan Xuechun, Chiarman of Liangma Antique Market, said, "This is now our first stage project, a total area of 33 thousand square meters. We'll have second, third and even fourth stages, building a cultural center for antiques, jewels and luxury products. We see a very promising future."

The market lies in walking distance of the embassy district, surrounded by high-end residential and commercial communities. Land isn't cheap here.

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