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The heir beginning to call the shots in dad's empire

By Wang Zhuoqiong (China Daily)

09:38, January 11, 2013

China's beverage billionaire Zong Qinghou has a monk-like work schedule. He arrives at the office at 7 am and leaves at 11 pm. Over the years Zong has formed a habit of not postponing any matters to the next day.

In this family-run business where there is no deputy to the chairman of the Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co, Zong responds to questions from all and sundry every day.

Not too many years ago, he met his rival. It emerges she is his only daughter, 30-year-old Zong Fuli, who is also a hard worker.

Although Zong Fuli was ranked among the top 50 female business leaders in the Asia-Pacific region selected by Forbes, among colleagues, the second generation of the country's richest man is happy to be called simply Kelly.

In 2004 Zong junior came back from the United States after graduating from Pepperdine University, having majored in international business.

Her first position in the group was assisting the director at a production base in Xiaoshan in Zhejiang province. She was later promoted to president of Hangzhou Hongsheng Beverage Group.

Now Zong junior is in charge of 30 percent of Wahaha's production, including children's apparel and beverages, as well as imports and exports of the group.

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