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The heir beginning to call the shots in dad's empire (2)

By Wang Zhuoqiong (China Daily)

09:38, January 11, 2013

"My dad takes charge of the domestic market and I oversee the overseas market," she said. "We don't interfere with each other's jobs."

Her international education and background helps Zong junior better understand people's needs. She said the company has prepared a series of high-end tea beverages for the overseas market.

The two generations have different styles of management. Father likes giving orders to his subordinates while his daughter prefers a more sophisticated system.

"I don't want everyone to ask me what to do every day," she said. "I want them to do their own thinking and take responsibility themselves."

For example, if a report comes in showing there are problems, she doesn't point them out and come up with her solutions. Instead, she asks the author to come up with solutions.

Zong junior has hired many young employees. Many of her managers are in their twenties. "I want to prove that young people are not bad. Just like me, we are not experienced but we have passion," she said.

She admitted that sometimes culture clashes occur when communicating with her colleagues. She is used to being direct when talking to them. Her father has had to ask her to be softer. She took his advice.

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