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Young inventor, bit ambitions


08:15, January 07, 2013

Every year, American business magazine "Forbes" features a "30 under 30" list that profiles some of the brightest and most innovative young people in the US. Let’s get to know one 18-year-old who’s impatient to change the world.

Before Param Jaggi could get behind the wheel - he had drive.

Jaggi said, "It’s something that I love doing, and I don’t even realize that I’m doing it."

The last time we met the 18-year-old grad and current Vanderbilt University sophomore, we were talking about his invention:

An algae-based device that clips onto a car’s tailpipe, turning emissions into oxygen.

Jaggi said, "I’ve seen him at four o’clock in the morning reading. I didn’t do that when I was 18 years old."

But these days, he’s focusing on turning what we put out into energy to move us forward and his work isn’t going unnoticed.

Jaggi said, "It made me realize that I’m doing something big, and that I can have a big impact with my research."

Jaggi is one of Forbes magazines’ 2013 30 under 30 - in the energy field and while he’s been in print before, it’s the second year in a row, he’s made this prestigious cut.

Jaggi said, "If you think about it, you only know a handful of inventors from history. But you can list off hundreds of celebrities and hundreds of athletes. It gives a reason to what I’m doing."

In less than two years going to the national radar even starting a company and with a simple philosophy maybe one day - making wasted energy a thing of the past.

Jaggi said, "The quote says you have to be crazy to change the world - and I think I can make even a marginal impact."

Jaggi said, "I’m excited about the potential he has to change the world."

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