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Egypt's FJP launches national campaign amid opposition's calls for demonstration


12:39, January 23, 2013

ZAGAZIG, Egypt, Jan. 22 (Xinhua) -- Egypt's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), a political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, on Tuesday launched a national campaign amid continuous calls from the opposition for massive demonstrations on Jan. 25, calling all Egyptians to unite for a better Egypt.

The campaign, dubbed "Revolution for Construction", was sponsored by the FJP, provincial governments and several local NGOs, head of the FJP youth department in Zagazig Mohamed Hussein told Xinhua.

"The four-day campaign has different themes each day. The first day is the day to fix damaged buildings. The second day is a cleaning campaign, while the third day is a health day for the poor people. Doctors of FJP will take free examinations and treatments for them. And the last day is the day to memorize our martyrs who died in 2011 revolution," said Hussein.

For his part, Ihab Ibrahim, head of FJP in Sharkia governorate with Zagazig as its capital, blamed the former regime for corrupting Egypt so badly, hailing the campaign as a new start for his motherland.

"So we can say we are starting from zero. There're many buildings, many streets, and cities require fixing to stay suitable for humans to live in. Giving this ceremony of Jan. 25, the FJP, the Muslim Brotherhood, and many NGOs are going to make safe accommodations for the Egyptian citizens," said Ibrahim.

As for the coming protest on the second anniversary of the 2011 massive demonstration, which toppled ex-president Hosni Mubarak, Ibrahim stated that every protest, as long as it is peaceful, has the right to give its message. "Violence is prohibited in all countries. We are welcoming all protests to deliver their messages without violence," he added.

Two years after the demonstration, Zagazig, the home town of Mohamed Morsi, the first civilian president in Egyptian history, were still intoxicated in the high expectations brought by Morsi's victory.

"The over-estimation of Sharkia's people after the revolution is my biggest problem right now. They are eagerly waiting for the improvement to happen and their patience are dying," said Mohamed Ezzat, vice governor of Sharkia governorate.

In his third month as the vice governor, Ezzat put meeting the basic needs of Sharkia people as his top priority.

"So our plan is based on many goals. The first goal is to meet the basic needs of the people here in Sharkia. We are trying to let the people know that we are on the right track. Unfortunately some long-term goals have to take more time to come true," Ezzat noted.

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