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Chinese outbound tourists generally satisfied in Q2, 2013

(People's Daily Online)

16:32, July 12, 2013

United Kingdom, Germany and Australia Rank Top Three

The survey shows that Chinese outbound tourist satisfaction index in the 2nd quarter of 2013 is 80.24, higher than that of the 1st quarter (76.58) and reaching the "satisfactory" level. Of the 22 outbound tourist destinations surveyed, 15 countries and regions have reached the "satisfactory" level (80).

Chinese outbound tourists' overall satisfaction index in the 2nd quarter of 2013 is 80.24, reaching the "satisfactory" level. According to the structure of the indices, the index calculated from the survey questionnaire is 77.75, close to that of the 1st quarter; the index calculated from the Internet source is 87.34, higher than that of the 1st quarter. The significant variables in indices calculation are the low tourist complaint, the insufficient public Chinese signs and Chinese language service and high tourist pricing. Besides, the degree of satisfaction for the services provided by the overseas travel agencies and by the guides is still low.
From the six elements of tourism service, the indices calculated from Chinese outbound tourists' impressions of the service quality are ranked from the highest to the lowest: the scenic area or scenic spot (82.7, the highest), tourist transportation (81.9), shopping (81.6), accommodation environment (80.9), culture and entertainment (80.7), food and beverage (79.7), and services provided by travel agency (79.0, the lowest).
Among the interviewed outbound tourists, the percentage of those who has complaint decreased from 23.6% to 14.3%. What's more, the percentage of complaint dropped from 4.2% to 2.6%. The satisfactory of complaint handling showed an increase from 70 in the previous quarter to 74.2 in the second quarter. In addition, the probabilities to revisit the tourist destinations showed a moderate decrease from 77.7 in the first quarter to 72.4 in the second quarter. The probability to recommend the destinations to their relatives and friends is 78.4, close to that of the previous quarter.

The tourists' satisfaction with the environment, facility, management, and services at the overseas destinations is at a relatively high level. The Chinese outbound tourists' average satisfaction degree with the urban construction, urban management, public services and tourist services at the destination cities in the 2nd quarter of 2013 are respectively 82.1, 81.3, 82.0 and 80.2, all of which stays at the "satisfactory" level.

The index calculated from the tourists' expectation to the overseas destinations is 81.9. Compared with the tourists' actual experience, the satisfaction is lower than 80. The main problems are the qualities of Chinese language service, travel agency's services and guides' services.

Satisfaction with urban construction is at a relatively high level. The tourists have a higher satisfaction degree with their experience in the natural ecological environment, air quality, hygiene and sense of convenience in the society, etc. Satisfaction degree from the highest to the lowest is as follows: beauty, natural ecology, landscaping, IT service, sense of convenience, ancient towns and historical buildings preservation.

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