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Chinese tourists should maintain a good image overseas

(People's Daily Online)

16:13, September 14, 2012

Chinese tourists are becoming the backbone of global tourism industry. According to estimation of the World Tourism Organization, the number of China's outbound tourists will reach 100 million in 2020 from 70 million in 2011. The overseas media said that outbound tourism is becoming more and more popular among Chinese people and their expenditures abroad may exceed that of German and American people, ranking first in the world.

What impression will these "yellow faces" leave to foreigners overseas? People may remember that a foreign sightseeing place had specially reminded Chinese people to keep polite manners in Chinese, which quite hurt their self-esteem. Today, the well-informed Chinese people may no longer take the "discriminations" seriously, but it is really worrying that whether China has established its image as "a state of ceremonies."

Last week, the writer saw a blog on the Internet: Chinese tourists can be seen everywhere from the luxury shops of Paris to the shopping street of Milan. Their image and quality are also reflected with the upsurge of traveling abroad. Therefore, please maintain a good image abroad and show the gesture that a rising state should have.

Let's put aside the knowledge and self-cultivation and talk about the basic polite manners. Two successive fight incidents recently occurred on the international flights seemed to be a circumstantial evidence for the "gesture that Chinese people should not have."

On the flight from Saipan to Shanghai, a dispute between two passengers turned into a melee of two groups, almost leading the flight to make a return voyage. Before then, two Chinese passengers had a physical conflict due to the adjusted back of a chair on a Swiss flight from Zurich to Beijing, causing returning of the flight. One of them was fined for endangering the public transportation, which is a criminal offense in Switzerland.

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