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A kitchen helper’s turnaround

(People's Daily Online)

08:09, January 10, 2013

Yang Shaoping presents his qualification certificates in the shabby residence. (Photo/Beijing Times)

Eight years ago, Yang Shaoping gave up the chance of entering university because his family was poor. He planned to teach himself through vocational school to regular college, and then attend the Judicial Examination after obtaining the diplomas.

The results of the National Judicial Examination were released on Nov. 22, 2012, which is also known as the most difficult exam in China. Yang passed the exam, which means he got the legal profession qualification and doesn’t need to continue the kitchen job.

If not because of poverty, it would not have been so difficult for Yang to realize his lawyer dream.

There are millions of ordinary young people like Yang. When we read the news about the young people we can often find it infused with a surge of resentful and helpless sentiment.

Fortunately, Yang’s eight-year journey of chasing dream showed us how an ordinary youth turned into a realizer of his dream.

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