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Enlightenment from a cleaner owning 17 apartments

(People's Daily Online)

08:45, January 08, 2013


Enlightenment from a cleaner owning 17 apartments

Owning 17 apartments worth tens of million yuan, Yu Youzhen still works as an ordinary sanitation worker in Wuhan. She works six hours cleaning the road of about 3,000 meters long and cleaning eight dustbins every day.

Some experts said that working can provide "framework" support for people. Without such support, people may feel lost and have an absence of drive, not knowing what to do. People can find the meaning of life from work and find their value in work. Therefore, working can bring them a sense of accomplishment and pride.

These words may not be uttered by Yu Youzhen, who is a farmer since she was born. She had done various jobs, from growing vegetables, carrying dung, fetching bricks to the working site, cooking, to being a cleaner. She has done so much hard work, so in her mind, she is accustomed to working hard. Without work, she would feel lost. Isn't her attitude towards work supported by a kind of "framework"?

The famous billionaire Warren Buffett has a son called Peter, and in his eyes, the most precious thing left by his parents is "to earn a living with his own efforts". With his hard work, he becomes a well-known composer and music maker. It seems that Yu Youzhen's insight and horizon are not inferior to Buffett in this sense. She explained the reason why she wanted to be a cleaner, saying, "I want to set an example for my children, telling them not to sit idle and eat, and in time one's whole fortune will be used up."

"Die wealthy is a disgrace." The wealth ethics in Western countries have a special cultural and historical origin. We cannot ask the landless peasants to behave like Bill Gates who expresses his understanding of wealth through charitable foundations to the world. Starting from loving labor and living a meaningful life to make her feel at ease, Yu Youzhen gives us a good starting point, and also a great starting point.

Read the Chinese version: “17套房环卫工”的启示”; Source: Beijing News

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