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Why Chinese feel underutilized?

(People's Daily Online)

08:10, December 20, 2012

According to the latest global opinion poll made by Randstad Company of Canada in 32 countries, 84 percent of Chinese people feel underutilized and their talent is unappreciated in the workplace, accounting for the highest proportion among the surveyed countries.

Thinking oneself underutilized is different from truly being underestimated.

In current China, both school and family educations tend to "elite" mode, which can be seen from the expansion of university enrollment and contraction of vocational education, which is considered inferior in the China’s education system.

It is not hard to understand the psychological gap of the people who think themselves elites but only find an ordinary job.

The deviation of education is only one of factors. If our society can fully respect the individual differences and make them give full play to their strengths, people will not be hard to find the most appropriate job for despite the deviation of education.

However, graduate students scramble for being a security guard and numerous people register for the civil service exam, which shows another inappropriate allocation of talented people.

Moreover, people having a "good father" are easier to find a job than an able person and a blowhard is more popular than a competent man.

Therefore, people's mentality of being overqualified for their jobs is an objective reflection of the reality due to the unfair opportunities and limited development space of personal ability.

Read the Chinese version: 你大材小用了吗?, source: Beijing Morning Post, author: Wu Jiang

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