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China's new leadership shows new mental outlook

(People's Daily Online)

07:55, December 18, 2012

" No stop in reform, and no stop in opening up" which is a strong declaration made by the General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping in his inspection in Shenzhen, showing the new central collective leadership's determination and confidence in promoting the Reform and Opening up.

Currently, China's Reform and Opening up has entered the crucial period; some problems are difficult to be solved because they are either the old institutional issues caused by old ideas or new ones caused by changes of pattern of interests in the development process.

Only by adhering to the spiritual pursuit and responsibilities of communists, gathering the positive energy in coordination and promotion of reform and unswervingly pushing forward the Reform and Opening up can the undertakings of the Party and the people continue to display new vitality and win new victories.

The confidence in "No stop in reform, and no stop in opening up" comes from confidence in the socialist road, theories and system with Chinese characteristics, the right direction of the Reform and Opening up, the political courage and wisdom of the Communist Party of China and the lofty ideals and beliefs of the communists.

The words and deeds of the new central collective leadership in the past month showed their unremitting efforts in insisting in the Reform and Opening up. China will further deepen the Reform and Opening up and unite all the positive energy under the leadership of Xi.

Source:Xinhua, Chinese version:新一届中央领导集体履职近一月展现了什么

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