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China has ability to build high-power aircraft carrier

(People's Daily Online)

08:23, December 19, 2012

The extent of a country's strategic interests is basically determined by that of its military strength, said Li Li, professor with National Defense University.

On the development of China's aircraft carriers, Li Li said China now has the ability to build high-power aircraft carriers but should not recklessly carry out construction. There are a lot of things to think about clearly first, such as nuclear power technology. Before solving all high-end technology issues, it is inappropriate to blindly start construction. China has ability to take the next aircraft carrier to a higher level.

Regarding the combat effectiveness of the Chinese army, Li Li said that China has already made some substantial progress in terms of new equipment, judging from the disclosure of heavyweight equipment since 2006. The level of training of the armed forces, especially combat training, has been greatly improved. Nevertheless, we still have to make improvement in terms of understanding the high-tech war.

With her experience of long-term research on the development of weaponry worldwide, Li Li said whatever higher stage that the war may develop into, the essence is still the conquer of high-tech against low-tech, behind which is a more profound kind of competition. The development of high-tech military technology is a realistic choice for the protection of national security.

Read the Chinese version: 我们具备建大功率航母的能力
, source: Qianjiang Evening News, author: Ding Yingjuan

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