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Interview: Brazil sees huge potential in ties with China


08:24, December 19, 2012

RIO DE JANEIRO, Dec. 18 (Xinhua) -- Brazil is upbeat on the prospects of its relationship with China, which is mature and has great potential, an official said.

There are many cooperation areas pending for exploration, Mauro Brazil de Holanda, chief of the Brazil foreign ministry's asian department, told Xinhua in an interview.

"There is no experience of joint action between Brazil and China in coping with other markets. We have such experience with the United States, with Japan, with several European countries, but not with China."

Economic ties between the two countries had initially focused on one sector, but later China invested into other sectors like oil and soybeans, he said.

According to Holanda, currently the bilateral cooperation is "at a third stage, with Chinese investing in the industrial sector."

The fourth stage, he said, would consist of "stimulating joint action by Brazilian and Chinese companies in other markets, with economic alliances to operate in Asia, Europe and South America."

The official said Brazil found it encouraging for China to have strong interest in South America, especially at a moment of economic crisis and falling trade flow and investment throughout the world.

"It is very important that a trade power such as China expresses its interest in increasing both investment into and trade with the region."

Holanda said Brazil believes these initiatives would provide opportunities for both sides and push forward the economic development of the region.

He said Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff had encouraged China to invest in infrastructure projects, the weak link of the region.

Meanwhile, Brazil hopes to get better access to the Chinese market, he said.

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