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Travel to the Former Residence of Zhang Xueliang (2)

(Guangming Online)

08:44, May 21, 2013

Zen Garden (file photo)

The Zen Garden is not very large. Step into the little door and go down through the wood stairs along the mountain. Then you can see a house sheltered by trees and flowers, that is where the young commander lived in those old days. The couple’s bedroom and guest-room have been transformed into a restaurant, and there were the Xiaoliu teahouse and Shuangxi hot spring.

A photo of Zhang Xueliang and Jiang Jingguo is hung on the outer wall of the restaurant. They were so close at first in 1960 until Zhang boarded the peak of power.

Besides the restaurant, the only Memorial Pavilion of the young commander in Taiwan records his life here. In the middle of the pavilion lies a statue of him. His poems are printed on the vitreous display board on the side –“Not afraid of death. Don’t love money. A man doesn’t need others’ mercy. Stand up and be a man. Spend the rest of life above deck.”

On the viewing deck outside the restaurant, you can see the whole view of Taipei. The brave young commander must be very upset for being kept 2000 miles away and only could enjoy the scenery in this remote mountain.

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