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Thousands caught in national sweep on drug crime

By Zhang Yan  (China Daily)

08:05, May 21, 2013

Chinese police detained 61,300 suspects and handled 53,000 cases in a recent crackdown on drug crimes, the Ministry of Public Security said.

A national campaign was launched in late January, and as of May 9 it had resulted in the seizure of 17 metric tons of heroin and methamphetamine, nearly three times the amount seized during the same period last year.

Police also smashed 274 manufacturing dens and seized 4,438 tons of chemicals and other raw materials used for producing narcotics, the ministry said.

"The huge demand for drugs among addicts and the temptation of high profits for trafficking are the reasons for the high incidence of such crimes," said Liu Yuejin, director of the Ministry of Public Security's Narcotics Department.

In March, the number of registered drug addicts nationwide was 2.14 million, up 47 percent from 2008, ministry figures show. The number of registered drug addicts taking synthetic drugs was also up to 83,400, a rise of 28.5 percent compared with 2008.

According to the ministry, in some regions and areas more than 30 percent of crime, including theft and robbery, are blamed on drug addicts, and the annual illegal consumption of drugs is more than 60 billion yuan ($9.77 billion) nationwide.

In addition, gun-related drug crimes have increased sharply, with national anti-drug police seizing 739 kinds of guns and 29,000 bullets as of May 9, said Yang Zhaohui, a senior official with the ministry's narcotics department.

In February, Guangxi police, together with Tianjin and Liaoning police, uncovered a major gun and drugs manufacturing case. The police destroyed a drug processing factory and an illegal den for manufacturing guns in Tianjin, according to the ministry.

They seized six guns and gun-making equipment and parts.

Moreover, drug traffickers took advantage of legal loopholes and often used logistics and express delivery to transport drugs, Yang said.

"Under the influence and development of the international drug situation, we are facing a tough task to combat drug crimes," Liu said, adding that anti-drug work will constantly meet new challenges.

Police will investigate national entertainment venues and bars to fight against drug addicts and traffickers, and collect clues to destroy drug trafficking rings and networks, he added.


On March 19, police officers from China and Laos captured five men as they tried to smuggle more than 500 kg of narcotics on the Mekong River.

That case not only marked the first time the countries had cooperated to combat drugs trafficking, it also laid the foundation for the ongoing crackdown, which also includes Myanmar and Thailand, according to the Ministry of Public Security.

Yu Haibin, an officer with the ministry's narcotics department, took part in the investigation.

"We got a lead that a gang might transport drugs on the river in November, so we talked to the Laos police authority," he said.

In March, Chinese officers received another tip about the same gang and started the investigation.

"Only several commanders from the two countries were kept informed,"Yu said.

Pang Weihua, a officer who joined the operation, said he did not know what the task was until when he was dispatched to a contact station between China and Laos.

It was said the gang would pass through the station, but they did not appear until morning on March 19, he said. "After a discussion, we decided to stop them upriver."

However, a shoal in Laos was about 60 kilometers far from the station, but all Pang had were four motorboats that had never been driven more than 18 km.

"We finally decided to have a try, or else the drugs might be removed or sold at that area," Pang said. "We found the target after about two hours."

The principal suspect was found in a bathroom, and the drugs were discovered below deck.

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