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10-year-old's tragic experience reveals child abuse problems

By Hu Xing, Li Qianyu and Cheng Yunjie (Xinhua)

13:58, May 15, 2013

The girl, who police said was abused by her father, is treated at a clinic in a village in Jinsha county, Guizhou province, on Saturday. Her father has been detained. (Photo/CFP)

GUIYANG, May 15 (Xinhua) -- With her abusive father detained after local police came to her rescue, 10-year-old Yang Xian(not her real name) finally has a sense of security.

After being transferred from a rural health center to a city hospital, the tiny child surprised doctors with the amount of physical trauma she has endured.

The girl had bruises on multiple parts of her body, as well as a scar in the corner of her mouth, according to Tang Yongtian, chief of a health center in Shitang Township, which is located in Jinsha County in southwest China's Guizhou Province.

"She suffered scalp burns and was bald when police officers brought her in," Tang recalled.

A more comprehensive exam at the Zunyi Medical University Hospital on Tuesday showed that the scalp on the top of the girl's head had been torn.

Because of the follicle damage she suffered, her hair can barely grow back. Moreover, severe malnutrition has resulted in edema in her feet, said Xiao Xue, chief of the emergency surgery department at the hospital.

Yang said her head does not hurt that much, as doctors have managed to control her scalp inflammation.

Although her other wounds have begun to heal, the girl said her feet still ache.

"All of the bruises and wounds came from my father's beatings. He often forbade me meals," said the girl.

His father Yang Shihai, who was caught assaulting her at home on May 8, was put in criminal detention on Tuesday on suspicion of intentional injury.

Li Guanming, deputy chief of the legal affairs office of the Jinsha County Police Bureau, said evidence indicates that the suspect has been abusive.

The evidence includes Yang Shihai's own confession, his daughter's statement and the testimonies of neighbors and the villagers committee, as well as a preliminary injury identification by court doctors.

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concern at 2013-05-15118.101.248.*
Yang Shihai is the rubbish in the community. For the condition of the child expecially the head portion, I make conclusion that he is animal , mental problem and should put in jail forever. this kind of people is not worth to put living in the human society.

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