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Taiwan accuses Philippines of lack of cooperation


11:21, May 19, 2013

The Taiwan investigation team, tasked with conducting a probe into the fatal shooting of a Taiwan fisherman, has returned to Taipei from Manila. On arrival, the team held a press conference at Taipei Airport.

The team has called on the Philippine government to conduct a joint investigation with Taiwan into the incident. It’s accused the Philippine authorities of dishonesty, saying the Philippine Representative to Taiwan had already told them a joint investigation would be conducted before the team left for Manila.

The Taiwan investigation team said they were not allowed contact with the personnel suspected of involvement in the killing or to related evidence. The team has said there is no evidence to suggest a collision occurred between the small fishing boat and the larger coast guard vessel.

The team suspects the coast guard personnel of intentional murder. It says Taiwan will form another investigation team composed of members from multiple government departments, which will return to Manila.

Before heading back to Taipei, the team held a press conference in Manila, calling on the Philippines to show sincerity.

Chen Wen-chi, member of Taiwan Investigation Team, said, "The Philippine government has tried to prolong and delay our request (for a joint investigation). Although we made some progress yesterday we still feel discontent at the lack of sincerity and credibility shown by the Philippine side in cooperating with our team." "It is necessary for the Philippines and Taiwan to collaborate together to discover the truth behind the incident." "We strongly urge the Philippine Government to follow the same standard as Taiwan has done faithfully."

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