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Beware of college enrollment scams: flying dream becomes bubbles

(People's Daily Online)

09:54, May 17, 2013

As a high school student who will soon graduate, Wang Yu (pseudonym) faces the problem of finding a proper college. When his classmates are now preparing for the college entrance examination, he already started his new life as a college student who takes flight attendant courses. Wang Yu said the college has low enrollment requirement, and he was admitted to the school before taking exams; it promises to recommend him for jobs after graduation. It seems Wang Yu found a fast way to realize her dream of flying in the sky.

Zhang Hong (pseudonym) had similar experience with Wang Yu, but he questioned what his major was when he took the entrance exam. Zhang Hong remembered that his admission ticket showed his major was human resource management instead of aviation service management. But he had no evidence because the admission ticket was taken back by the college.

To confirm his status, he searched the website of China Higher-education Student Information (Ministry of education appointed website),which indicates Zhang Yu's major is 2.5-year Human Resource management starting from March 2012, but on his student ID card, his major is 4-year Aviation service management starting from September 2011.

Wang Yu and Zhang Hong are not the only victims; the colleges they entered have no qualification to recruit students. How do they recruit students by fraud?

They spread their information throughout their websites affiliated with websites of qualified universities, therefore many students will not doubt their qualifications.

They also take advantage of the students who want to realize dreams without making effort. Low enrollment requirements, easy exams, and job recommendation after graduation all satisfy these student's desires. But the cost is high tuition fee.

Penny wise, pound foolish. Don't take the wrong way to be a flight attendant, because the qualification requirements are not too high to reach: diploma degree with unrestricted majors.

Photos: Job fairs to recruit flight attendants held by airline companies in there years.

Xiamen Airlines holds a job fair in south China's Fujian province on Nov 28, 2009. (Photo/

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