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Viewpoint: National strength still to be raised to solve Diaoyu Islands issue

(China Military Online)

09:46, May 17, 2013

BEIJING, May 16, (ChinaMil) -- "The solution of the Diaoyu Islands issue still depends on the elevation of the comprehensive national strength. In this regard, we still have to raise our strength as the saying goes ‘To be turned into iron, the metal itself should be strong'," said Maj. Gen. Luo Yuan, executive vice president and secretary general of the China Strategy and Culture Promotion Association, on May 14, 2013.

According to Luo Yuan, it was Japan who stirred up the Diaoyu Islands issue. This crisis is caused by Japan. In order to secure the commanding height, there should form a three-tiered deployment:

On the first tier are fishing boats dashing towards the Diaoyu Islands as a proclamation of our sovereignty in itself.

On the second tier is the force of law enforcement. Marine surveillance ships are public service vessels which cannot be equipped with self-defense weapons. Now that they are converted into maritime police vessels, they can be equipped with some heavy armaments. Currently, Chinese marine surveillance ships have drawn close to the Diaoyu Islands at the distance of 0.6 nautical mile. It is much closer to the Diaoyu Islands.

On the third tier is the Navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA). This is the solid backup force for the first and second tiers.

"All our three major fleets, that is, the East China Sea Fleet, the North China Sea Fleet and the South China Sea Fleet, go to the waters around the Diaoyu Islands for military training. I believe this is sharpening of the knife so that when needed, we can form the three major fleets into a fist to draw out the blade," Luo Yuan said.

Luo Yuan pointed out that there are two steps to solve the Diaoyu Islands issue. The first step is to seize the command of the sea. Other than that, the solution of the issue still depends upon the elevation of our comprehensive national strength. In this regard, we still have to reinforce our strength--to be turned into iron, the metal itself should be strong--as long as our strength is enhanced, we can sit on our fishing boat to sail the sea regardless of the wind and waves.

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